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Must do tours in Iceland

We have handpicked the best tours in Iceland so you don't have to.

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We asked locals to pick the best Icelandic candy – and the worst

Get ready for a heated debate!

Five places you should definitely visit on the Snæfellsnes peninsula

One of the most magical places in Iceland.

Best restaurants highlighting Icelandic ingredients

Try all six!

What to buy and what not to buy at Keflavík airport

You could save a few ISK just by reading this post!

Iceland in November – baby, it’s cold outside

Great chance of northern lights and good beats!

These are the most beautiful places in Iceland

Have you visited any of these amazing places?

The best swimming pools in Iceland according to us

Go swimming, relax, have fun and meet the locals

Helping people propose in Iceland: “Luckily, no one has ever said No”

Propose Iceland is a newly established event planning business.

Iceland makes for a stunning backdrop in new commercial

My national pride has officially burst!

Our visit to the Lava Centre in South Iceland

Worth the visit but fell a bit short for me.

Horseback riding in Iceland: “One of the most serene experiences of my life”

‘Give me the easiest one!’

Skip the taxi and head straight to the night bus

It’s the best news we’ve heard in ages!

Iceland shines in Justice League: How to get there?

Experience the wonder of Djúpavík at Strandir like a true superhero.

We searched and we found the best pizzas in Iceland

Get ready for carb heaven!

The best places to watch fireworks in the capital area

Happy New Year!

One Santa Claus wasn’t enough for Iceland – So we have thirteen Yule Lads

They’re here!

The hippest neighborhood in Reykjavík

Icelandic design, glorious cakes and delicious food.

Iceland in December: Merry Christmas!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Must See’s price check: Price of bananas goes up 70%

And butter is up a whopping 40%!

Tasty meals for 1000 ISK or less

Don’t go hungry on a budget!

A proposal on Diamond Beach took her completely off guard

What a day to remember!

These are the best burgers in Iceland

Bon appetit!

Slow tourists, strange windows and “other -worldly” landscape

Tourists speak up about what they really think of Iceland.

Our amazing summer in Iceland

On and off the beaten path – read all about it!

Did you know you can stay in sleeping pods in Iceland?

The budget-friendly, claustrophobic option.

10 weird facts about Iceland

No McDonald’s but loads of golf courses!

A tribute to the viking clap lets you practice for the world cup

Drum – Drum – Húh!

Iceland in October – get ready for rain

Warm clothes and cool lights!

Iceland in September – the darkness has returned

Dark and cozy and everything in between.

Up to 119% price difference between Icelandic supermarkets

You can save a lot by shopping at the “right” places.

3 places you have to visit after Game of Thrones Episode 6

Winter is coming!

Don’t be fooled by the “beer” in grocery stores

It looks like beer, tastes like beer and smells like beer but it’s actually non-alcoholic beer.

A drone hiking tour could be the next big thing

Epic landscape just outside of Reykjavík.

Our awesome mini break in Reykjavík

What a weekend it was!

Election time means free food and drinks

Save a few ISK and talk politics!

Hiking in Iceland the perfect way to experience solitude

Read some hiking tips from an absolute pro!

Slakki is a hidden gem that’s perfect for kids

Don’t get your hopes too high of seeing something you’ve never seen before and just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

We price checked some dried fish and the result is shocking

You can save up to 9.000 ISK if you go to the right shop!

I have a layover in Iceland – what can I do?

Make the most of the time you have.

Iceland in July – how should you spend it?

Get ready for Peysuveður and rock and roll!

Enjoy Icelandic candy via our candy exchange

It’s the best exchange there is in my opinion!

Iceland in August – welcome to the party

Have a great time!

The Guide to Vegan Food in Iceland

Read on if you’re vegan and traveling to Iceland.

These are the best brunches in Reykjavík

Get ready to drool!

Walk inside a man made ice cave for only 1 ISK

The ice cave at Perlan is amazing!

Where can I camp in Iceland?

There’s more to it than just hitching a tent.

Our guide to the Reykjavík Flea Market

It’s interesting, cool, funny and smelly.

5 reasons why you should buy the bus pass in Reykjavík

The perfect solution if you don’t have a car.

Iceland in June – what you can expect

Midnight sun and big crowds.

Must See’s Guide to Costco in Iceland

You can save a bundle before you hit the road.

A raven family in Iceland goes viral via live stream

How cute?!

Art workshops, afro dancing and family fun

Circus, magic and lots of fun!

Sea Angling in Reykjavík – a day I’ll never forget

Sail away from all your worries.

The coolest gym in Iceland

Train with the stars in a safe environment.

What the heck is going on in down town Reykjavík?

Meet the locals over some football and fast food.

This is how you stay safe in Iceland

This is a must read for all tourists traveling to Iceland.

Must See’s packed Reykjavík Culture Night schedule

Have fun exploring Reykjavík!

You should definitely chase this waterfall in Iceland

Have you heard about Kvernufoss?

Backstage at Secret Solstice: Get a sneak peek of the festival

Welcome to the party!

The Icelandic Police answers all your questions

Can you swim in waterfalls or camp anywhere?

The 10 best travel apps to download before your trip

An appy traveler is a happy one.

Three wonderfully weird museums in Iceland you have to visit

Penises, punk and peculiar collections.

Iceland in May – everything you need to know

Concerts, races and stand-up: May is packed with fun!

You have to tick Reykjanes Peninsula off your bucket list – it’s that amazing

Sometimes you honestly feel like you’ve landed on the moon.

Bathe in Icelandic Beer at the Beer Spa

The Beer Spa opens in June of this year and will be the first of its kind in Iceland.

How to have a budget vacation in Reykjavík

It’s not easy but it’s doable!

Cabaret is for everyone – except the boring ones

You don’t have to speak Icelandic to enjoy a cabaret show in Reykjavík.

One of the most beautiful waterfalls along the South Coast of Iceland

I hope you will make this easy turn off the ring road if you’re driving the South Coast.

She explored the Westfjords and has some great travel tips

Theresa has visited Iceland twice, with the first trip being sort of spontaneous.

These are the best places to party in Reykjavík

Four locals spill the beans when it comes to Reykjavík’s nightlife.

The most dangerous place in Iceland?

The waves at Reynisfjara black beach are especially strong and extremely unpredictable.

45% difference between the cheapest and priciest Easter eggs

Be careful where you shop!

3 of our favorite ice cream parlors

Icelanders eat ice cream whenever they feel like it!

Perhaps the most beautiful video of Iceland we’ve seen

I promise you that you will day dream about going to Iceland after watching it.

Candy theft in broad daylight

Don’t buy ridiculously over-priced candy at souvenir shops!

The best Icelandic Easter eggs according to tourists

The verdict is shocking for me, a native Icelander!

5 places to take your love for a romantic dinner

The way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.

What to do on the first day of summer in Iceland

There are plenty of activities to choose from.

Amazing timelapse-video of the northern lights

I could watch this for hours!

Stuck in Iceland during the worst storm in 25 years

A film about surfing in Iceland is in the making.

A journey through the wonderful world of chocolate

I have a confession to make: I love chocolate!

Easter opening hours – the swimming pool edition

Feel like taking a swim?

Iceland in black and white

Photographer Sébastien Van Malleghem is fascinated with Iceland and sick of over-colored photos.

The best bakery in Iceland

I’m a pure romantic at heart and for that reason I love visiting Gamla Bakaríið.

Easter Opening Hours in Iceland

You don’t have to be hungry or bored during the holidays.

10 tips for outstanding landscape photography

Icelandic photographer Gísli knows what he’s talking about!

Just how expensive is Iceland?

YouTube user Potato Jet breaks down the cost of his Iceland trip.

How to get to the world famous plane wreck

Justin Bieber skateboarded on top of it!

Iceland makes me more “human” each day

Australian photographer Sorelle Amore found love, a million miles from home.

How to drink in Iceland on a budget

Make is safe, make it fun, make it cheap.

Things to do in Reykjavík on a snow day

Don’t worry – there are plenty of things you can do!

Credit card is king

Unless you really want to show someone how much they mean to you, you don’t have to tip.

Spectacular red sandy beach

If you visit this majestic place it will be forever engraved in your memory.

Amazing drone footage of Iceland

We recommend you all take two minutes out of your day to watch this beautiful video.

Must See for Game of Thrones fans

Even though you’re not a fan of the show, all these places are quite spectacular.

How to eat in Reykjavík on a budget

It is possible – honest!

Experts pick the best Icelandic movies

The cream of the crop of Icelandic cinema.

Incredible 6 day ring road trip

Friends Dan and Corey had a trip in Iceland they will never forget.


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