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Sunset Mountain Views Jeep Tour, Vik, South Iceland

    Price from 9.000 ISK PER PERSON.
    Estimated in different currency: $63 €58 £51
    Departure time 19.45
    Duration 1.5 hours
    Available All year round
    Operated Daily
    Departure from
    We pick up from all hotels in Vik. You can also meet us up in front of the Nordurvik hostel. Suðurvíkurvegur 5, Vík í Mýrdal, South Iceland.

    This super jeep tour will give you a real taste of the beautiful and varied nature that surrounds the village of Vik.

    Our first stop on this super jeep tour is at the end of the mountain where you’ll have unique views over the area where you will enjoy stunning views of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and Dyrhólaey to the west.

    Our last stop is Sjónarhóll, there you have an awesome view over the town of Vík. After that we’ll head slowly down the mountain and then return to Vik.

    Super Jeep Tour Highlights

    Driving in a super jeep in Iceland is an awesome experience just by itself, and when you combine this with the breathtakingly beautiful sunset views around the coastal village of Vik in the south, you are guaranteed an unforgettable time.

    This tour is a great way to take in the beautiful and varied nature surrounding the village of Vik. Sunset is the perfect time of day to do it and because Iceland is so close to the arctic circle the sunsets tend to be amazingly long and fabulous on a clear night.

    Combine this tour with a paragliding tandem flight. Click here.


    It’s not an exaggeration to say that this tour will give your senses a real thrill. The golden light which turns photos into magical out-of-this-world images and wraps you up with a sense of happiness and calm is what you can experience during a long Icelandic sunset. Even if your main objective is not to take photos, you will be immersed in the dreamy glow of the setting sun and your eyes will open up to the amazing scenery bathed in the soft mellow colours of the evening light. Depending on what time of the year you visit, you can experience the long midnight sun in the summer or see the snowy landscape engulfed in the rays of the winter sun during the colder months.

    And it’s not just your sense of sight that will be tantalized by the experience. You’ll hear the distant crashing of the ocean waves as we go up, blended with the calls of the seabirds flying above and the howling and lashing of the wind from all directions. The salty aroma of the sea and the freshness of the air will invigorate you and reinforce the magic of the tour. Add to that the surging adrenaline that you will surely feel through your body as we drive up and down the rugged hills around Vik and you can see how this hour will be one of the most stirring memories that you’ll take back home from your trip to Iceland.


    We’ll make our first stop at the end of the Reynisfjall mountain where you’ll have spectacular views over the Mýrdalsjökull glacier and Dyrhólaey to the west. You’ll have plenty of time to soak in the atmosphere, admire the views, take photos and walk around. At the end we’ll stop at Sjónarhóll, where you can marvel at the town of Vík from above. After that we’ll head slowly down the mountain and then return to Vik.


    Included: Transport and English-speaking local guide

    You will need:

    • Hiking boots or other comfortable shoes for uneven terrain
    • Warm clothes (best to have layers for any season in Iceland)
    • A camera (even if you are not into photography the views are amazing so you won’t be able to resist taking pictures)

    Meeting point:

    We pick up from all hotels in Vik. You can also meet us up in front of the Nordurvik hostel. Suðurvíkurvegur 5, Vík í Mýrdal, South Iceland.

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