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What is the currency in Iceland?

Icelandic krona (ISK). Check out the currency converter on our front page.

Do you have to tip in restaurants and hotels?

No. Value-added TAX is included in the price everywhere you go so you don’t have to tip service providers. Some even frown upon tipping.

Can I count on the weather?

The answer is simple: No, you can’t. If you’re planning a trip some weeks or months in advance you just have to wait until a few days before you leave to see the weather forecast. Even then you can’t count on the forecast because the weather can change rapidly without warning. It’s just like spinning the wheel of fortune – maybe you’ll get lucky, maybe not.

When can I see the northern lights?

When it’s completely pitch dark, so the northern lights “season” is from October to April. The peak of this season is from December to February so that’s your best bet.

If I visit Iceland during the winter, is it guaranteed that I will see the northern lights?

There are no guarantees with the northern lights. They just come and go as they please. If you want any tips on how to increase the odds of spotting them you can read our blog here.

Do you have igloos?

No. A common misunderstanding, but no.

Are there any domestic flights in Iceland?

Yes, there are. Air Iceland and Eagle Air Iceland have regular flights from Reykjavík Domestic Airport.

Are there any bus service in Iceland?

Yes. Buses run from BSÍ bus terminal quite frequently during the summer, but less so during the winter. So, it’s good to plan your trip in advance.

What time zone is Iceland in?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) all year. We do not switch to Daylight Saving Time (DST) which has been up for debate the last decades.

What is the country code for phone calls?

You need to dial 00354 or +354 before entering an Icelandic number. If you have an Icelandic SIM card you don’t have to enter any code before calling Icelandic phone numbers.

Do you guys speak English?

Yes, we do – almost everyone. And we’re quite good at it since we have to learn it for many years at school.

Where can I get Wifi?

Almost all hotels offer Wifi and sometimes you have to pay a small fee for it. Most restaurants and cafes in bigger towns and the capital city have free Wifi.

What should I pack?

Warm clothes, wind and rain proof, hat, mittens, thick socks, good walking or hiking boots, scarves, sunglasses, sunscreen, thick sweaters and underwear and your good mood.

Can I buy groceries 24/7?

Yes, you can. Hagkaup, Nettó, Iceland and 10-11 all have shops that are open around the clock. Of these four, 10-11 is by far the most expensive one.

Can I stop in the middle of the road to take a photo?

No! By most tourist attractions there are parking spots and good places for photography. If you suddenly see something while you’re driving you have to wait until you see a pull-out where you can stop. If you stop in the middle of the road you can get yourself killed – we don’t want that.

Can I use international debit cards in Iceland?

VISA Electron, Mastercard and Maestro debit cards are accepted everywhere in Iceland.

Is Iceland expensive?

Yes, very much so. So be prepared and take a look at our Iceland on a Budget series.

Is it true you can actual visit the president of Iceland?

Yes, you can at his home Bessastaðir. Take a look at his website for more info.


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