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    Monday, March 20, 2017

    I love going out for a romantic dinner with my significant other, escaping the ruckus at home where a lot of children, and some dogs, usually keep us extremely busy.

    I especially enjoy discovering new places with exciting menus that make my tastebuds zing. But I also need good atmosphere, a lively place with excellent music, nice people and outstanding service to make my romantic dinner date complete.

    So, I compiled a little list of my five favorite places for a romantic dinner in Reykjavík. I hope you enjoy it and I urge you to check out these restaurants – even if you’re in a very un-romantic mood. At least the food is good!

    Snaps Bistro

    Snaps has been one of my favorite restaurants in Reykjavík for a few years now. I enjoy having dinner there but I also recommend the brunch, which is absolutely exquisite. My favorite dish at Snaps is confit de canard, but their Caesar salad is also to die for and the club sandwich is out of this world. I think it’s because of the french fries – they are totally unique and way too good. I usually stuff myself full of fries before I get started on the sandwich.

    Snaps is located on Óðinstorg, which is just a short walk from the main shopping street, Laugavegur. The atmosphere is rustic and romantic but I do urge you to book a table because it’s usually jam packed with dinner guests.


    Oh, Ítalía. What a place! It’s been around for it seems eternity and my earliest memories from this place date back to when I was just a tiny little girl, celebrating my birthday with my beloved family. This place hasn’t changed since then, and neither have my tastebuds apparently because I still adore this place! Ítalía simply means Italy, as I guess you have figured out by now. And as the name suggests, Ítalía serves up authentic Italian food.

    Go for the pizza, stay for the beautiful atmosphere and excellent service. Ítalía is so easy to get to, since it’s on Laugavegur. It’s a very small place, so you might miss it, so just keep a close look out for it. You won’t regret it.

    Bazaar Oddsson

    This is one of the newest additions to the culinary scene in Reykjavík. Located just outside of down town, at Hringbraut, this trendy place really makes you feel at home. I recommend you try their famous hamburger which is exceptional and incredibly tasty. The salads are also gorgeous, as are the pizzas.

    The atmosphere is cool, calm, collected and if you’re into interior design you will really enjoy visiting Bazaar Oddsson. So romantic and the dinner menu is excellent!

    Sæta svínið

    Another newbie in the restaurant business in Reykjavík is Sæta svínið. The restaurant was opened just a year ago, but soon became one of the hot spots in the city, for party-goers and gourmets alike. Their take on food is really unique, as is the décor. The staff is super friendly and helpful and their cocktails are superb. Could you ask for more?

    Chances are your dinner date will end up evolving into a party if you go to Sæta svínið, which is located in Hafnarstræti in down town Reykjavík. But hey, isn’t life just one big party?

    Mathús Garðabæjar

    Ok, so I said I would stick to Reykjavík, but I lied. I have to mention Mathús Garðabæjar, which is in Garðabær (go figure!), a municipality in the capital region. The restaurant is also relatively new, offering fine dining outside of town at reasonable prices. Try the risotto or the seafood pasta – it melts in your mouth! Or try anything else for that matter because their menu is so appetizing.

    If you do venture outside of down town, you should know that Mathús Garðabæjar is on Garðatorg. Buses run there but you’re better of splurging on a taxi to avoid the stress of finding this place. You don’t want to ruin your romantic night out, do you?


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