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    Friday, May 31, 2019

    Yep, it’s another bold statement from us here at Must See in Iceland. Could it be that we’ve found the best pizzas in Iceland? Well, we’re pretty confident that we did just that!

    You see, we’ve gathered intel (I use the word intel to make this sound so much more exciting and dangerous than it really is) from hundreds of locals. We’ve driven all around the country to personally taste a lot of pizza. We’ve gained tens of pounds just to discover the truth. To find the best pizzas in Iceland.

    We can’t guarantee that everyone agrees with us and probably there are some amazing hidden secrets out there that we missed. If so, we would love to hear about them at mustsee@mustsee.is!

    Are you ready for the pizza ring road trip around Iceland? Well, let’s start in the capital area and move east until we’ve gobbled up slices of glorious pizza all around the country. Let’s go!

    Capital area


    Efstaland 26, Reykjavík

    We’ve already raved about this pizzeria, located a few minutes outside of down town Reykjavík, but we can’t skip it when writing about the best pizzas in Iceland. Their pizzas are just so, bloody good! Try them all!

    Distance from down town Reykjavík: Approx. 4 km
    Our favorite pizza: V – Ebbi Spes

    Irresistible! @Íslenska flatbakan

    Íslenska flatbakan

    Bæjarlind 2, Kópavogur

    Another pizza place we’ve already written about, simply because it’s so fantastic. If you decide on venturing to Kópavogur for a slice of amazing pizza, you also have to taste the breadsticks, called bröllur. OH. MY. GOD. Thank you Íslenska flatbakan for giving me a wonderful carb high!

    Distance from down town Reykjavík: Approx. 14 km
    Our favorite pizza: The Lizard One


    MMM @Papas pizza

    Laugavegur 11, Reykjavík

    Wow, I’m like a broken record because I’ve already recommended this place as a lovely setting for a romantic date. That is true, and it’s also a fabulous place for pizza. Ítalía has been around for what feels like forever and they never disappoint.

    Distance from down town Reykjavík: Ítalía is smack in the middle of down town, on Laugavegur 11
    Our favorite pizza: Calzone

    Papas Pizza

    Hafnargata 7a, Grindavík

    Some say this is the best pizza in Iceland, and I must conquer – this is one of the best pizzas in Iceland. People drive from all over the country just to have this pizza and I urge you to do the same! This is really a life changing experience for all the food lovers out there.

    Distance from down town Reykjavík: Approx. 51 km
    Our favorite pizza: Pulled Pork Pizza

    South Iceland

    Breiðumörk 2, Hveragerði

    This is a fairly new pizza place, but the owners also brew their own beer. Pretty impressive! The pizzas are awesome and I recommend tasting the Ölverk beer as well – it’s a pretty good combo.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 44 km
    Our favorite pizza: Nr. 10

    Efra-Sel, Flúðir

    Here’s another place which serves pizzas that are famous around the country. And it doesn’t hurt that the atmosphere at Flúðir is so incredibly relaxing that you can enjoy every, single bite of these heavenly pizzas.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 110 km
    Our favorite pizza: Bönker

    Gallery Pizza
    Hvolsvegur 29, Hvolsvöllur

    Gallery Pizza is another restaurant that I feel has been around for millions of years. Still, they manage to produce some high quality, scrumptious pizzas that are some of the best pizzas in Iceland. Highly recommended when traveling the south coast of Iceland.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 105 km
    Our favorite pizza: Beef

    Klausturvegur 13, Kirkjubæjarklaustur

    I’ve tried a few different pizzas at Systrakaffi and I’m never disappointed. They are super delicious and an added plus is that the staff is alway extremely nice. It’s a family run restaurant and you can really feel that in the vibe of the restaurant. Really cozy and inviting!

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 257 km
    Our favorite pizza: Exorcist

    Z Bistro
    Víkurbraut 2, Höfn

    Here you can eat some world class pizza! I love my pizza and this is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had! Really juicy, with loads of toppings and a crust to die for! I could go on all day, but it’s better if you just drive to Höfn yourselves to experience the magic.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 460 km
    Our favorite pizza: The Lobster Pizza

    Get in my belly! @Z Bistro

    East Iceland

    Hótel Framtíð
    Vogaland 4, Djúpavogur

    First of all, this hotel is located in one of the most beautiful houses in Iceland – it looks exactly like the dream house I’ve built in my head. Second of all – the pizzas are awesome. Simply the best!

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 550 km
    Our favorite pizza: Pizza Hótel Framtíð

    Búðavegur 59, Fáskrúðsfjörður

    In a lovely, old building in Fáskrúðsfjörður, you find Sumarlína, a cozy place where inside you will find some of the most glorious pizzas in Iceland. The service is impeccable and the food is beautifully served. Well worth the visit.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 657 km
    Our favorite pizza: Línupizza


    So delicious! @Skaftfell

    Bistro Skaftfell
    Austurvegur 42, Seyðisfjörður

    If you have your heart set on visiting the eastern part of Iceland, which I urge you to do, you have to stop at Bistro Skaftfell. Their pizzas are out of this world! Really inventive cooking and an X-factor that you won’t find anywhere else. This one’s a keeper!

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 680 km
    Our favorite pizza: The Brunch Pizza

    North Iceland

    Daddi’s Pizza
    Vogar, Mývatn

    Really tasty pizza in one of the most beautiful places in Iceland. Even though I live hundreds of kilometers away, I could easily drive all night for a slice of Daddi’s pizza – it’s just that good! I also love the fact that the pizzas are named after notable locations in the area.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 490 km
    Our favorite pizza: Selið

    I could easily eat two. @Daddi’s Pizza.

    Hafnarbraut 21, Dalvík

    Another gorgeous pizza place in the north of Iceland, offering exquisite pizza and outstanding service. If you stop by Dalvík you have to eat a pizza at Tomman – I can promise you that you will not regret it.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 410 km
    Our favorite pizza: Helgi Deluxe


    Café Riis
    Hafnarbraut 39, Hólmavík

    I know this sounds corny, but this is really a restaurant with a big heart. All the pizzas are made with so much passion that you can feel it in every bite. And yes, I would drive to Hólmavík just to eat one pizza, or two, possibly three. They are heavenly!

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 240 km
    Our favorite pizza: 4 Cheese

    Hrafndalsvegur, Tálknafjörður

    Hópið doesn’t look like much, just your basic restaurant, but when you take a bite out of their pizzas you will feel complete and utter bliss flowing around your body. This is perhaps one of the places that surprised me the most. I can’t wait to go back to Tálknafjörður for another pizza at Hópið. One of the best pizzas in Iceland!

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 420 km
    Our favorite pizza: Zumba

    West Iceland

    Stykkið pizzagerð
    Borgarbraut 1, Stykkishólmur

    There’s something in the cheese that is used to top the pizzas at Stykkið – it’s truly one of a kind! The pizzas are crispy and delicious and I found the staff funny and inviting. I’ve had a lot of pizza in my day and I can truly say that Stykkið offers one of the best pizzas in Iceland.

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 170 km
    Our favorite pizza: Eldborg

    La Colina Pizzeria
    Hrafnaklettur 1b, Borgarnes

    I have nothing bad to say about this last, but not least, pizza place on our pizza tour around Iceland. Thin and crispy crust which is baked to perfection. You haven’t seen the last of me La Colina!

    Distance from Reykjavík: Approx. 74 km
    Our favorite pizza: De Campo

    I hope I have made your mouth water a little bit and that you enjoyed this read on the best pizzas in Iceland. Bon Appétit!

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