The 10 best travel apps to download before your trip


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    Monday, May 8, 2017

    There are millions of apps out there that can either simplify your life or make you really frustrated. So, we thought we’d compile a list of the apps we personally think are the best travel apps for your journey.

    Granted, these are our favorite apps, but we would never recommend them unless we thought they were really, really, really good. The best travel apps like the title says. Because we want to make your trip as successful as possible and we want you to feel happy and relaxed on your travels so you can thoroughly enjoy everything that may befall you.

    1. Maps.me

    This is by far our favorite app and one of the best travel apps there is! We’ve all been traveling abroad, getting totally lost and having to turn on our data connection to find our way via an online map. And boy, does that cost you! Well, now that extra cost is out the window, thanks to maps.me. It is a map, but an offline one and a pretty good one as well. We’ve examined the Iceland map they have and it’s pretty accurate so you can go ahead and download it. Because you have to remember to download the maps you want to use before your adventure. I’m sure there are loads of apps to remind you to do that…

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    2. Google Translate

    This is a classic – and for good reason. Haven’t we all used Google Translate at one point or another in our lives? Then you should download this app, even if you’ve never used Google Translate. The app lets you download an entire language before you travel and even enables you to take a photo of the text you want translated for instant translation. How brilliant is that?!

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    3. TripIt

    If you’re anything like me, you should get this app ASAP. I’m horrible at keeping track of booking numbers and that’s why I can’t live without my TripIt. You can allow the app to access your mail box and it consequently scans your inbox for booking numbers. It then creates a simple itinerary for you that includes maps and everything. Do you see now why I can’t live without it?

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    4. AroundMe

    This one is pretty, darn cool. An app that everyone can enjoy. You simply allow the app to establish your location and it finds all sorts of things that are listed near you, like banks, bars, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, restaurants and supermarkets. So, it’s not only useful when you want to have a good time on the town or catch a movie. It’s also good if you fall ill or hurt yourself abroad. Cool, right?

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    5. Flush – public toilet finder

    When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Am I right, or am I right? Don’t bother searching for the next available public toilet while your loins go numb. Just Install Flush, turn on your GPS and find the public toilet that’s closest to you. This app is still missing some public toilets in Iceland but it’s still pretty decent. That’s why it’s on our list of the best travel apps.

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    6. Touchnote

    This app really takes me back to the time when I couldn’t travel two kilometers without sending my family a postcard. With time, and the expansion of social media, this postcard need slowly faded and it became sufficient to update my family via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all those other apps I can’t remember the name of. You see, Touchnote lets you create postcards for all your loved ones, with photos taken from your trip. You add text, the address of the recipient and the app ships it to anywhere in the world, charging you the appropriate fee. One of the best travel apps out there – if you’re a sucker for postcards like me.

    Apple downloadAndroid download

    7. Rome 2 Rio

    Granted, it’s not really hard to get around in Iceland but I still love the fact that this app breaks down the length and cost of the public transportation that’s available from place to place. You type in A and B and you get a list of all the possible ways of getting from A to B. I think this one is perfect for when you’ve been traveling a lot and are feeling a bit disoriented.

    Apple downloadAndroid download

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    8. Packpoint

    Hello, my dear friend Packpoint! I’m a real packing guru and can fit an unbelievable amount of stuff inside a very small suitcase, but sometimes I forget a few things. That is why this is my dream app. It’s so clever! You just enter you destination, the length of your trip and which activities it will entail and the app creates a packing list for you. Then you just tick of the things you’ve already packed and try to complete the list. Love, love, love!

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    9. SAS Survival Guide Lite

    Okay, so maybe this is not the most useful app if you’re just traveling in Iceland for a few days, staying on the well-travelled path. However, this is a pretty crafty app, written by a former SAS soldier and instructor, giving you hundreds of survival skills like starting a fire and finding water in the wild. Browsing through this app makes me want to travel into the unknown and live of the earth. It’s that good!

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    10. FlightAware

    Don’t bother downloading individual airport or airline apps for individual flights. Just download FlightAware to track any flight in real-time, see delays and receive flight alerts. This is especially handy if Iceland is just one of many stops on your journey. Highly recommended!

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